Lakefront Wraparound Deck in Charlotte, NC

Lakefront Wraparound Deck

Despite the prime location of this waterfront property along a serene lake in Charlotte, NC, the homeowners faced a challenge in maximizing their interaction with the stunning natural environment. The property’s sloping terrain created a noticeable height difference between the main living space and the yard. After having a thorough consultation and analysis of their home, Carolina Decks presented an elegant and practical solution, which involved constructing an expansive wraparound deck that seamlessly bridged the house with the great outdoors.

The deck, accessible through two second-floor entryways and a staircase descending to the yard, was thoughtfully designed for easy access and fluid movement. We integrated steel cable railings into the design to maximize the breathtaking lake views. Surrounded by trees, the deck benefits from natural shade, offering a cool retreat for the family to enjoy their scenic environment.

At Carolina Decks, we turn challenges into opportunities. Whether you’re dealing with an uneven landscape, a unique view, or specific spatial constraints, we’re here to maximize your property’s potential.

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