Floating Porch in Piper Glen | Charlotte, NC

Decking color – Timbertech Mahogany

Framing – Fortress Steel Deck Framing

Railing – Trex Signature Aluminum Railing

Porch/Decking – 524 sq ft

Total sq ft (patio,porch,deck) – 1,740 sq ft

Price range – $90,00 -$130,000

Timbertech Mahogany decking/ Rustic Cedar Pergola/Fortress steel framing

This beautiful porch in the Piper Glen neighborhood is a bit of an engineering marvel.  In order the make this work we installed steel I beams to create the illusion that the porch was floating in the air.  The porch and deck were both framed using Fortress steel framing to allow for much longer and stronger joist spans than using pressure treated lumber.

Timbertechs mahogany decking was used on the deck and in the porch to create a comfortable place to walk out barefoot and enjoy the view.

Ezebreeze windows were installed to allow the porch to get air on a nice day.  The windows can be closed up during pollen season or when a storm blows through.

Trex Signature aluminum railing was installed along the deck to create a safe place for people to gather outside.

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