3-Season Addition in Olde Providence | Charlotte, NC

custom design outdoor living spaces

Tile Flooring color – Dayton Oak – Wood plank tile

Paver Patio- Belgard Dimensions – Savannah Color

Ceiling – T&G silva soffit – Almond Charcoal

Windows – Ezebreeze

Heaters – Infratech

Tile sq ft – 620

Total sq ft – 620

Price range – $150,000 – $180,000

Ezebreeze porches are quickly becoming the most popular porch here in the Carolinas.  They offer clients the ability to close the porch down when it’s cold or during pollen season.  On cool fall days open the windows to let the air in while keep pests out.

Tile flooring allows for quick cleanup and the ability to keeps pests from getting in from below the deck.  An Ezebreeze porch truly becomes a bridge between the outdoors and your home.

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