Custom Porches

The Leading Porch Builders In Charlotte, North Carolina

Experience the ultimate outdoor living upgrade with Carolina Decks, the leading porch builder in Charlotte, North Carolina. No more worrying about the harsh sun or sudden rain showers interrupting your gatherings. Our custom porches and patio covers offer protection, enhance your home’s beauty, and extend your indoor living space to the outdoors. 

A Wide Array of Porch Designs & Styles to Suit Your Home

Welcome guests and set the tone for your home with a stylish porch crafted to perfection. We design with an eye for detail and construct with a focus on durability, crafting porches that blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture. Whether you prefer a grand, wrap-around porch or a small front porch, our outdoor living experts will transform your ideas into a reality.

Covered Deck and Patio Covers: Your Backyard Oasis Awaits

Custom Porches

Transform your backyard into a comfortable oasis with a custom porch from Carolina Decks.
Perfect for North Carolina’s unpredictable weather, our porches offer protection from sun and rain, ensuring you can enjoy your deck or patio in any season.

Besides enhancing your home’s beauty and keeping outdoor areas cool and comfortable, our porches shield your outdoor furniture while extending your deck or patio’s lifespan.

We provide a variety of covered porch and patio designs, ranging from open to enclosed styles and from flat to gabled roofs, all tailored to complement your unique outdoor space.

Personalizing Your Porch

Custom Porches

At Carolina Decks, we think that your outdoor living space should be a direct reflection of your personal style and functional needs. 


Choose from a range of durable composite decking materials for your porch and deck surfaces. For patio surfaces, select from various options, including stamped concrete, stained concrete, and diversely-styled pavers.

Railings, Skirting, Fascia, Stairs:

Boost your porch’s uniqueness with customizable features such as railings, stairs, skirting, and fascia. Each detail is tailored to your porch’s design, ensuring a cohesive and pleasing appearance. We can also add accessibility features like ramps to make it easy for everyone to access your porch.

Roof Style: 

We offer various roof designs and ceiling finishes for your porch cover. Our team will recommend a cover design based on your goals, budget, and other factors like the siding and colors of your house, ensuring it complements your home’s architecture while creating a natural transition from indoors to outdoors.

Added Comfort and Appeal: 

To enhance the comfort and appeal of your outdoor living space, we can incorporate features such as ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, fireplaces, heaters, and TVs. These amenities provide opportunities for entertainment, making your deck or patio the ultimate venue for relaxation and social gatherings.

Optional Enclosures: 

We take the comfort of your space a step further by offering enclosure options for your porch. Whether you prefer screens or windows, our sunrooms, screened porches, and outdoor rooms provide an additional level of comfort to your experience.

The Final Step: Choosing Carolina Decks, Your Local Porch Specialists

As the trusted choice for custom porches in North Carolina, we invite you to explore the craftsmanship and quality that Carolina Decks brings to every project. From cozy screened porches to expansive decks, our portfolio showcases a variety of designs, each tailored to the unique needs and style preferences of our clients. See our work!

Ready to take the next step? Request a free estimate today to get started on your porch or patio cover! We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and make your vision a reality.