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The use of stone in the garden is an ancient practice of improving the visual appeal of one’s backyard. If you look at the yards of some of the famous personalities in history, you’ll find out the importance of stones in enhancing its beauty and function. A little craftiness with hardscapes can create significant improvements to one’s backyard.

Our hardscape service can significantly improve your backyard. We have experts who work smart and tirelessly to make sure our hardscape fits your landscape correctly. From freestanding and retaining walls to walkways and pergolas using either natural or fabricated materials, our hardscape services will boost your backyard’s overall appearance and value. Our skilled craftsmen can create garden art, whether it’s working on sculpture installation, rock gardens, carpentry for pergolas, fences, decks, and other outdoor projects.

Above all, we are confident our expertise and experience will fit your taste and exceed your expectations. So, if you think you need to make changes or improvements to your backyard, don’t think twice about considering our hardscape services!

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We Design and Build High Quality Wood Decks

Every deck we build is designed to suit your personal tastes and needs. Once we have a functional working design we get to work on building your deck. Carolina Decks takes great care in selecting only premium lumber, handpicked to deliver the best possible results.

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