Wood Decks

Wood is still by far one of the most popular materials for decks. Whether its pressure treated lumber or something more exotic we can build a wood deck you’ll love!

Pressure Treated Wood Decks

A wood deck offers the traditional wood finish preferred by many clients. It can also be considered a more economical option to some of the wood-alternative options. If considering a traditional wood deck, it is important to remember not all wood decking is created equal. At Carolina Decks we use only premium KDAT or Kiln Dried After Treatment Deck boards. This offers two advantages for the client. First, there is no waiting period before stain can be applied. In fact, as soon as the deck is installed it can be stained or painted. Second, KDAT lumber is dry it doesn’t shrink once it begins to dry out, which can cause boards to cup, twist, warp or shrink.

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We Design and Build High Quality Wood Decks

Every deck we build is designed to suit your personal tastes and needs. Once we have a functional working design we get to work on building your deck. Carolina Decks takes great care in selecting only premium lumber, handpicked to deliver the best possible results.

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