Screened-in Porch

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Bugs are among the more common pests that will invade your porch and threaten the health of your loved ones. Fortunately, screens on your porch can protect your family from pests and other elements. If your porch doesn’t have a screen to keep bugs outside, or the covering starts to sag and break away, you can hire a professional to rescreen your porch and fix other damages in this part of your house.

When you hire a professional screen repair company, you can expect excellent removal and replacement of damaged screens on your porch. Unlike DIY projects, the experts have the right tools, skills, and tons of experience to make sure the screens are tightly attached to the partitions. Also, we use a waterproof compound to seal the edges to make sure no bugs enter your porch all year round.

At Carolina Decks, we remove old wooden pin-up strips and replace them with premium materials. Rest assured, we can set up the protection you need from pests and forces of nature. Aside from our amazing service, our screened-in porches service is affordable and within most people’s budgets. Whether you need to hire a professional to fix your old screened-in porch or install a new screen in your porch, insist on getting the best screen professional for the screening project.

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