Screened-in Porch

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Screened in Porch

If your looking for a pest free outdoor space, the screen porch is a wonderful way to do it.  At Carolina Decks we use the Screeneze system to screen in all of our porches.  Typically our screen porches are constructed over a patio or over a deck.  We can create large open windows using the screeneze system.  We’ve done screened in porches with windows up to 16 feet! 

Add in a feature wall, skylights or even an outdoor kitchen to truly make your outdoor living space even more enjoyable.

More about Screeneze below:  

Screeneze is a screen porch system that provides a simple and easy way to install screens into a porch or patio. The Screeneze system is made up of three main components: the base, the cap, and the screen. The base is a low-profile aluminum channel that is mounted to the porch frame or posts. The cap is a thin, flexible vinyl strip that snaps onto the base and holds the screen securely in place. The screen is a durable and weather-resistant mesh material that is available in a variety of colors.

To install the Screeneze system, the base is first installed onto the porch frame or posts using screws. The screen material is then cut to fit the opening and secured onto the base using the cap. The cap is installed by pressing it onto the base, which creates a tight seal around the screen material.

The Screeneze system eliminates the need for traditional screen spline and requires only basic hand tools for installation. It is also easy to remove and replace the screen material if it becomes damaged or needs to be cleaned. Screeneze is a popular choice among homeowners who want to add a screen enclosure to their porch or patio without the expense of hiring a professional.

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